Innovative Building Material Concepts for Environmental Protection

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Upcycling for Environmental Protection

Due to its energy and CO2-intensive process technology, the production of cement is associated with more than 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. The cement and concrete industry is therefore one of the most CO2-intensive industrial sectors in the world and is looking for innovative and equally economical solutions along the entire value chain on the way to climate neutrality – with low emissions, energy-efficient and at the same time resource-saving in the sense of the circular economy.

With our technology for upcycling cement and concrete wastes, high-performance recycled cements and high-quality recycled aggregates can be produced exclusively from waste. The energy-efficient and, above all, CO2-minimised process technology connects climate protection and the circular economy. In this way, we sustainably combine ecology and economy and support the building materials industry on its way to producing CO2-neutral cements.

We focus on decarbonising the building materials industry and optimising the carbon footprint of your products – to protect natural raw material resources and the climate.

Innovative Technologies for the Building Materials and Recycling Industry

With our technology, expertise from research & science and many years of experience in the construction industry, we develop customised concepts for companies in the construction materials and recycling industry to upcycle their cement-bound waste materials for applications throughout the construction industry.

Our conceptual developments are subject to constant economic viability checks. In representative pilot plants we document the operation and design of the process technology as well as the performance of the new recycled building materials for the respective application – in preparation for the implementation of the technology in your company. We take care of financing from industrial companies, investors and funding programmes and also support the projects in marketing the new recycled building materials.

Our Expertise

Under the leadership of Dr. Wolfgang Perbix, founder and owner of BAU+TEC, new processes for the environmentally friendly and economical recycling of concrete and cement wastes have been successfully developed in recent years, in collaboration with various partners from science and industry. Dr. Perbix has extensive industrial experience in R&D and application technology as well as in sales and management in the building materials industry.

He is supported by Dr. Daniel Fuchs, who is responsible for business development at BAU+TEC with his expertise and many years of international experience in industrial project development and large-scale plant construction.

Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Perbix

Managing Partner

Dr. Daniel Fuchs

Business Development

Our Partners

The broad range of services offered by BAU+TEC requires a competent team from technology and industry to cover the entire upcycling value chain from the processing of residual materials to the use of new recycled building materials – our partners.  


  • R&D funding project in the “KMU- innovativ” framework programme of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) for the development of process technology for the recycling of concrete residues.

  • R&D funding project of the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU) on the structure and application of recycled building materials from cement-bound residual materials.

  • R&D funding project in the framework programme “Central Innovation Programme for SMEs – ZIM” of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) on the recycling of asbestos cement waste.

  • Funding programme of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) WIPANO – Knowledge and technology transfer through patents and standards for identifying, securing and marketing research results.


Recycling Cements from Concrete Wastes  

Our process technology for upcycling concrete wastes is focussed on the production of climate-friendly recycled cements. Using a combination of mechanical and thermal process technology, we recycle the waste material and produce hydraulically hardening recycled cements and high-quality recycled aggregates. In this way, we create new substitutes for conventional clinker, cements and natural aggregates exclusively from waste materials – with low energy consumption and extremely low CO2 emissions.

The technology thus goes far beyond the usual downcycling of concrete wastes and the limited use of crushed concrete in construction practice. Instead, we want to produce high-quality RECEM recycled cements and recycled aggregates from 100% waste material – climate-friendly, energy-efficient and resource-saving on the way to decarbonising the cement and concrete industry and in the spirit of the circular economy.

Recycled Cements from Fibre Cement Wastes  

Building components made from fibre cements are characterised by their versatile field of application, e.g. as small or large-format panels for the architectural design of façades or roof coverings of buildings. The increasing demands on climate protection and the circular economy also require fibre cement manufacturers to find new ways of improving the carbon footprint of products containing cement and the reuse of waste materials.

Although recycled wastes from downcycling are already often reused in production as inert fillers, the high utilisation potential as a hydraulically active and simultaneously CO2-minimised cement substitute remains unused so far. This is where the upcycling technology steps in. This process technology makes it possible to process fibre cement wastes from production, processing and building demolition into climate-friendly and at the same time high-performance hydraulically hardening recycled cements in a way, that is both ecologically and economically very attractive. This new energy-efficient and resource-saving key technology shall enable the production of CO2neutral recycled cements as substitutes for conventional cements in fibre cement production in the future.

Asbestos Cement

With the expansion of the process technology, the upcycling of asbestos cements into asbestos-free and environmentally friendly recycled cements is planned. The upgrade is intended to replace the previous, environmentally and/or economically unsatisfactory disposal concepts for this hazardous waste, e.g. by burying it in designated landfill sites and the associated creation of new contaminated sites with so-called eternal costs. In addition, the technology will for the first time make it possible to recycle building elements containing asbestos from the dismantling of façades for energy-efficient building refurbishment – an attractive method for realising the EU demand for an asbestos-free future.


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